Facts and Symptoms Regarding Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important stage for every woman bringing joy in the family but on the other hand, pregnancy involves many changes in women's body and lifestyle. Even though being pregnant is not a disease, there are certain symptoms that indicate a possible pregnancy. Much more, pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman but most of them are the same in every case. In addition to this, signs of a possible pregnancy usually occur within a week of conception or several weeks or even cannot be present at all.
For instance, a first sign which may indicate the presence of pregnancy is the lack of menstrual cycle. Moreover some women may have a light bleeding or they can face another pregnancy symptom which usually appears in less than 2 weeks from conceptions and it is known as implantation bleeding. This symptom occurs when the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall, producing in this way bleeding and sometimes cramps.
Secondly, a common symptom of pregnancy which usually occurs or not between 2-8 weeks after conceptions is the morning sickness. Many women feel nausea at the beginning of their pregnancy and even during it and much more they may feel sick because of certain foods and odors. On the other hand, some women may feel the strong desire to eat certain dishes or even foods that used to hate before their pregnancy.
Some other signs which may show a possible pregnancy are some changes that affect the woman's body. In addition to this some of these changes are the swollen or tender breasts, lower backaches, the sudden rise of hormones in the body that might cause headaches, swollen ankles and also weight gain. Pregnant women may notice some changes on their breasts, the skin around their nipples may get darker, a symptom which may have other explanations, such as hormonal imbalances or may be a leftover effect from previous pregnancies.
Thirdly, other sign which is related to pregnancy is the frequent urination. This sign may confirm the presence of a pregnancy only if it comes along with other signs of pregnancy. On the other hand, frequent urination may be caused by the urinary tract infection, diabetes or increasing liquid intake. What is more is that some pregnancy symptoms may be changes in women's behaviour like feeling tired or sensitive, some things might made them angry or cry out of the blue.
To conclude, even though pregnancy is a normal thing which occurs to almost all women, it requires lots of attention and the change of lifestyle. Most of women can esily know if they are pregnant and can handle very well the pregnancy symptoms which sometimes may tend to be hard to carry on.
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Nuha said...

Pregnancy always change the woman's life. The signs mentioned above are the most common pregnancy symptoms. If you have never been pregnant before, they can be quite bewildering. For this reason, it may be a good idea to keep a pregnancy calendar handy for your own reference and reassurance.