A Guide To Pregnancy Symptoms - Your Body Is Your Best Indicator

Generally, there is no real way to tell a woman that she is pregnant. A visit to a doctor or a pregnancy test can confirm one’s pregnancy. But, pregnancy symptoms are also something which you can look forward to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. A woman’s body is the best indicator to confirm her pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, there are certain hormonal changes that take place in her body. Constipation, cramps, backaches and nausea and so on are all pregnancy symptoms at an earlier stage. You may experience one or few of these pregnancy symptoms, if not all.
Common Pregnancy Symptoms: A missed period is one of the foremost pregnancy symptoms. Usually in these circumstances you miss your periods or bleeding is less than normal. As mentioned, your body undergoes hormonal changes and the growing uterus that presses against the bowel results in initial pregnancy symptoms like backaches, cramps, constipation and missed period and so on. Your breast tends to become tender and there is darkening of nipples. This is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy and usually occurs as early as one week after conception and continues thereafter.
Exhaustion or tiredness is usually associated with pregnancy health related concerns. Pregnancy requires you to take rest as much as you can. Feeling tired or exhaustive is not a temporary phase. It occurs after one to six weeks of conceiving and can last till the entire pregnancy period. You tend to feel extremely hungry and there is a craving for food. Usually, there is no restriction on the amount of food you can have during these days but it is very important that your diet should be healthy and nutritious. Your doctor can be your best guide regarding the kind of diet you should maintain during pregnancy.
Women become extremely sensitive to smell and this is one of earliest pregnancy symptom. Frequent urination due to growing pressure on the bladder, lower abdominal cramps is all pregnancy symptoms. Headaches, nausea and vomiting usually occur after two to ten weeks of conceiving. Generally termed as “morning sickness”, nausea can occur at any time of the day and in extreme cases it will be full fledged vomiting. All these pregnancy symptoms are attributed to hormonal changes in the body.
Pregnancy test is the ultimate way to confirm your pregnancy. Your doctor can always confirm the fact after you are done with your tests. Today, pregnancy tests are very reliable and can give you result as early as ten to fourteen days of fertilization. When you are experience any one or few of these pregnancy symptoms, make it sure that you do not neglect your health. Any tobacco products and alcohol should be totally avoided during pregnancy. Since, your behavior can also be irrational sometimes, it is always better that you give outlet to your emotions in a weekly pregnancy calendar that cover your entire pregnancy journey. Your life will never be the same once you make it a point to enjoy the journey of pregnancy.
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