What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy? Here's What To Look For!

While one of the most known symptoms of pregnancy is a delayed or skipped menstrual cycle, the many signs that alert a woman to a potential baby-on-the-way will differ for each individual. Some women will experience symptoms of pregnancy within the first week of conception while others show signs in a couple of weeks. Sometimes, a woman may never even show any indication that she may be with child. Below you will find some of the most common symptoms associated with pregnancy:
Bleeding Although it could be the sign of menstruation or reactions to birth control pills, the presence of blood may occur in a pregnant woman, (also referred to as implantation bleeding). A little over a week from conception, the embryo implants itself onto the uterine wall, which can cause spotting and cramping in some women.
Swollen and Tender Breasts As early as one to two weeks after a baby is conceived, a woman may experience tenderness, soreness, or swelling of the breasts.
Fatigue and Tiredness When you feel like you don’t have as much energy as you once had, you might be experiencing a symptom of pregnancy that occurs as early as the first seven days after conception.
Nausea Occurring between two to eight weeks after conception, being overcome with the urge to vomit is a common pregnancy symptom that is often referred to as “morning sickness.” Some women are lucky to bypass this part of pregnancy, while others will feel nauseous throughout the duration of their nine months.
Backaches Early in a pregnancy, a woman may feel aches in her lower back, which could occur throughout the rest of her pregnancy.
Headaches Since the hormones in the body begin to fluctuate during a pregnancy, headaches are often an early result.
Frequent Urination About six to eight weeks after conception, women often find themselves racing to the bathroom to urinate more often.
Food Cravings Many women are faced with the strong urge to eat a variety of foods or crave items that they normally don’t consume. This phase may last throughout the entire pregnancy, and is a known symptom associated with being pregnant.
If you are experiencing more than one of the above symptoms, you may very well become pregnant. To make certain whether or not you need to prepare for one of the biggest moments in your life, you will need to take a pregnancy test. While some women make an appointment to see their gynecologist, others prefer to enjoy the anticipation in the comfort of their own residence by using a home pregnancy test kit, such as Clearblue Easy.
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