Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms - Cramping

At some point in the past, probably few weeks you might have had unprotected sex. Whether you want it to result in a pregnancy or not, it may have, but the technology is not there yet that can help you figure it out yet. Luckily mother nature has helped us by giving us common symptoms that we sometimes experience when we are pregnant.
One of these symptoms is cramping. The good thing with cramping during the pregnancy and even in the beginning is that it is usually harmless. While you are pregnant and even when it is only a couple of weeks or so, your body is already starting to move things around, and get ready for the growth of your baby. While at a few weeks pregnant the baby is still barely noticeable to your senses, the baby is already making a great presence. Parts of your reproductive system are working very hard to get your hormones in check for the upcoming 9 months.
Although we are made to have the right things ready it is still a lot of work for our bodies even early on. Your muscle and blood mass alone will end up being about 6 pounds of all the weight you gain during pregnancy. So you can see where the cramping might come into play.
The bad thing about cramping when you are not even sure if you are pregnant is that it could also be premenstrual symptoms. Whether you are pregnant or not, does not mean you won't have some of the same symptoms. Some women experience sore breast each month with a normal menstrual cycle, while some only when they are pregnant. Everyone is different.
Another bad thing about cramping, is later during the pregnancy if you are not feeling the baby moving, it can also mean something is wrong. There may or may not be other symptoms that go with this, so if you are pregnant and you ever think the cramping is extreme contact your doctor. It is far better to be safe, than sorry.
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